Outstanding speed, Stunning beauty

Wide-format inkjet printer

The maximum print speed on PVC, 32.7m2/h (352ft 2/h), Banner material, 105.9m2/h (1140ft 2/h)

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Outstanding speed, Stunning beauty

SpeedOutstanding Speed

High-speed print at 105.9㎡( 1140ft 2) per hour

*Print conditions: CMYK/ 360x360dpi/ Bi/ Hi / Medial: Banner

The maximum ink droplet size, 35pl, allows practical printing at high-speed and low-resolution mode!

According to ink types and print modes, JV300-130/160 automatically select three optimum droplet sizes of Large, Medium, and Small among seven droplet sizes including 4pl, 7pl, 8pl, 14pl, 16pl, 23pl, and 35pl. Thus, high-ink density printing is available at the high-speed mode.

When the maximum droplet size is 35pl
  1. Spaces between droplets are filled.
  2. High-density printing is available at the high-speed and low-resolution mode.
When the maximum droplet size is 21pl
  1. Spaces between droplets are wider at low-resolution.
  2. The print density is low at the high-speed and low-resolution mode.

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Print speed

Full-color printing

Excellent color reproducibility creates superior quality prints

Mimaki has been providing a new solution and idea, which meet the signage market. Orange and light-black inks are new solutions from Mimaki to obtain never-before-seen prints. The JV300 creates more attractive prints for a wide range of applications.

Orange ink broadens the range of color representation


Print has less vibrancy


Bright and vibrant orange colors

By using the newly developed SS21 orange ink as a process color, 94% of the PANTONE color chart is covered with approximate colors. Thanks to a wider gamut with the orange ink, food freshness can be simulated, and corporate colors can be faithfully represented.

Light black ink assists in
beautiful monochrome image printing.

The newly developed SS21 light black ink and superior gray-balance control produce accurate grayscale printing without unexpected color shifts.

  • Reddish gray
  • Grainy skin tone
  • Non-reddish gray
  • Smooth skin tone

White ink accentuates ink colors on transparent or opaque media with high degree of opacity

Due to larger ink droplet size, the JV300-130/160 is able to print white ink at higher density than that by conventional models. Accordingly, the degree of white ink opacity is increased. White base layer printing accentuates the brightness of color printing on transparent or opaque media.

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BeautifulStunning beautiful

The fruition of a new printing technology realized through a never-ending search for beauty.

The birth of a high-quality image unlike anything ever seen before!

This “Search for Beauty,” which Mimaki strives for is the combination of technologies, such as ink-jetting, drop-size control, ink-drying, and banding reduction with other various technological innovations, which have allowed us to reach the next level in our industry. This technology results in a completely unprecedented level of smoothness and vividness. It beautifully prints pictures, illustrations, and even designs that include extensive amounts of intricate gradations.

Newly developedMimaki advanced pass system 3 (MAPS3)
delivers outstanding print speed and stunning beautiful prints.

Generally, swath boundaries are straight lines. Therefore, a slight misalignment between boundaries causes banding or uneven color printing. MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing

Algorithm for MAPS3: Gradation-like printing on boundaries.

General print passes

Pass boundaries are noticeable

MAPS3 print passes

Print passes are not visible with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing

Boundaries of print passes are not blurred

Edges of print passes are blurred by gradation-like printing

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Breakthrough in improving the accuracy of ink droplet placement and smoothness
Waveform Control Technology

We can consistently maintain the ink-jetting angle, shape, and ink droplet placement to maintain an optimal condition during printing by controlling the waveform of the ink droplets. We can also achieve high-image quality that is true to the original design image itself and maximally reduce bleeding, non-uniformity, and discoloring by improving the accuracy of the ink droplet placement. We are confident about the planar expression of our printouts, which prevent the viewer from perceiving them as appearing grainy, given the smoothness of the gradation. The quality of the characters and lines and the sharpness in the edge areas are nothing short of stunning.

Different size of ink droplets are jetted at appropriate angles without losing their high circularity.

High-accuracy of ink droplet placement assures high-quality printing.

Ink droplets are jetted with deformed shapes at wrong-jetting angles.

Grainy appearance and uneven color is found because spaces between ink droplets and overlapped ink droplets.

When Ink droplets are jetted at appropriate angles without losing their high circularity.

Smooth prints are obtained because of no overlapped ink droplets.

3Way intelligent heater system and top blower dry ink droplets at an appropriate size.

Preheats the media to the appropriate temperature before printing.
Maintains the temperature to support an accurate ink droplet placement and prevents ink bleeding onto the media.
Enhances ink dryness,
Top blower
Assure high-speed and high-ink density printing to accelerate the drying of ink on the top of the printed surface.

Three-way intelligent heater
Patent number

Japan 4889059
USA 8.444.262
China ZL 200910222559.8

Variable dot

Various ink droplet sizes, Large/Middle/Small, are precisely placed.
Thus, smooth gradation and skin tone are produced by 4-color printing.

Fixed dot
Variable dot

Various solutions for continuous print operation

To maintain stable and high-quality printing, nozzles of printheads are monitored and cleaned automatically
Various functions assuring higher productivity.

Regular checks of the nozzle are important to ensure that the device can print high-quality images through stable, continuous operation. This device includes an automatic cleaning function that gets activated when a problem occurs. This device also includes a function that sends an E-mail to report actions in real time such as the occurrence of errors and the completion of a print.

Nozzle check unit (NCU)

Clogged nozzles are automatically detected by monitoring ink droplets with sensors.
When clogged nozzles are found, the nozzles are automatically cleaned. A print operation will not be continued with missed nozzle print status.

Graphic explanation of NCU.

Nozzle check time: 0.5 seconds per 1 nozzle line
Ink amount for nozzle check:0.05μℓ pr 1 nozzle line

Event (Alert) mail: E-mail notifications

The printer status is sent to a registered e-mail address when the printing is started/finished or if printing is stopped by errors.

Nozzle recovery system (NRS)

The NRS allows the printer to continue print operations without interruption by using non-defective nozzles as substitutes for defective nozzles until the technician arrives.

Register the number of defective nozzles.
(Up to 10 defective nozzles are registered per 1 nozzle line.)

Registered nozzles are not used for printing.
Other good nozzles are used.

*1 Up to 10 defective nozzles are registered per 1 nozzle line.
*This function has no effect on print speed.
Depending on nozzle status,
some problems cannot be solved by NRS.
・When using the minimum number of print passes, nozzle recovery is not activated.

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