The error message, [OFF SCALE] appeared.

  • The width and length of your cut data exceeds available cut area.
    Resize your data to get it fit into the available cut area.

[Available cut area] is A (length) and B (width) area displayed on the panel once the sheet size is detected.

* If selecting [ROLL] to detect the sheet width, the B (width) value alone is displayed.
* When you operate [^][v][<][>] keys to update the origin point,
 the designated [available cut area] will also be changed.
* When using the cutting software [FineCut], the [available cut area] will be displayed
  on the [Sheet size] on the plot window.

- Reinstall bigger size of sheet media.

- Maximize [available cut area] by adjusting the position of the pinch rollers in the
 end side of the pinch roller setting position.
 Ensure to position the pinch roller set within the pinch roller guide.

- If turning of data makes the data fit into the sheet media, then turn the data.

- Apply the function, [DIVISION cut] to your data.
 [DIVISION cut] is the function that allows you to cut data bigger than the sheet
 width by dividing it. See the Operation Manual for the detail.

- There was a case that the area surrounding cut data contains unintended data
 such as dots.
 The machine apparently included the dots in the cut area, ended up making the
 cut area bigger.
 Use your software such as Illustrator to select the cutting area for your data and
 paste the data to a new document, and then perform cutting.

- Enable [EXPAND] function.
 See the Operation Manual to learn more about applying the [EXPAND] function to your data.
 * Note that when applying the [EXPAND] function to your data, cut area is
  expanded from inside of the pinch roller to outside of the pinch roller;
  this operation could leave roller tracks on your media.

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