What kind of daily maintenance is required?

  • As part of daily maintenance, clean the wiper, capping station, printhead area, media sensor and media holder to ensure the long-lasting precision and performance.

To maintain the nozzle condition, clean the wiper, capping station and printhead area.
Dust accumulation on the media sensor can cause media misdetection.
When dust accumulates on the media holder, it can interfere with the proper media transport
during printing,and dust buildup on the printhead may prevent proper printing.

The video guides you through the daily maintenance procedure.
* In the video, we demonstrate using the CJV300, but the CJV150 only differs in having one printhead
 and capping station.
 The procedure remains the same.

1.Cleaning the wiper

2.Cleaning the Capping station

3.Cleaning the Head and the Area around

4.Cleaning the media sensors

5.Cleaning the Media press

The procedure is outlined in the Daily Maintenance.
You can download “Daily Maintenance” from the download page.

CJV300(Normal): Daily Maintenance
CJV150:  Daily Maintenance

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