What are maintenances and notes when the machine is not used for a long time (one week or more)?

  • Clean the area around the head, the capping station, wiper and perform [CUSTODY WASH] prior to turning off the machine.

[Cleaning the Head and the Area around]

[Cleaning the Capping station]

[Cleaning the wiper]

Please see here for the procedure of [CUSTODY WASH].

Please check the following to prevent ink path clogging and to protect the nozzles.

(1) Please keep the main power switch on during long-term storage.
 The nozzle clogging prevention function works automatically to protect the printhead nozzles.
 Leaving the main power turned off for a long period of time may cause the nozzles to be clogged.

(2) Please check the ink remaining level.
 Ink suction works during cleaning operation.
 During ink suction, nozzle wash does not start if "INK END" or "INK NEAR END" is detected.
 We recommend setting an ink cartridge with sufficient remaining amount, as ink is consumed
 during regular maintenance while the printer is not in use.

(3) Check the remaining level of maintenance cleaning fluid.
 If the maintenance liquid runs out during the idle period, regular maintenance (PUMP TUBE CLEANING)
 designed to prevent ink pathway blockages may not function properly.

(4) Please check the waste ink remaining level in the waste ink tank.
 Waste liquid may overflow during long term storage if there is not enough remaining capacity.
 Nozzle protection does not function normally when "Check waste ink" is displayed. Please visually
 check the waste ink level and see the waste liquid level on the Water Ink Reset menu and dispose
 the waste ink accordingly.

 For information on how to reset the waste ink, please see
 "If a Waste Ink Tank Confirmation Message Appears" in "Chapter 5 Maintenance" on the
 Operation Manual.

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