How do I perform daily maintenance?

  • Please perform your daily maintenance regularly to keep machine condition.

- Once a day (at the end of the daily work) -

1. Cleaning the Surroundings of the heads.
  View the following video "Cleaning the head and the Area around" and learn how.

2. Cleaning the Capping station.
 View the following video "Cleaning the Capping station" and learn how.

3. Cleaning the Wiper.
 View the following video "Cleaning the Wiper" and learn how.

4. Cleaning the Media press.
 View the following video "Cleaning the Media press" and learn how.

5. Cleaning the Media sensors.
 View the following video "Cleaning the Media sensors" and learn how.

- Once a week (at the end of the work on weekend) -

1. Cleaning the Platen.

2. Cleaning the Exterior of the machine.

3. Waste the ink inside of the Waste ink tank.
 (If machine displays "Check Waste ink tank")

4. Cleaning the Ink discharge path.

- If you are not using the printer for a long term -

If you are not using the printer for more than one week due to your
long-term break or so, make sure to operate [CUSTODY WASH] function,
and clean the head nozzles and ink waste path. Once the procedure is
completed, allow the printer to shut down.
And also, please be sure not to turn off the main power switch of the
printer because machine executes auto-maintenance function such as

If [CUSTODY WASH] is not performed before shutdown and the printer
is left out, build-up ink gets caked on the nozzles, causing nozzle clogging.

Refer to the [CUSTODY WASH] for the procedure;
[Operation Manual]-> [Chapter 4 Maintenance]- > [When the Machine
Is Not Used for a Long Time] to learn how.

Click here for CJV150 "Operation manual".
Click here for CJV300 "Operation manual".

Refer to your “Requests for Care and Maintenance” to learn the maintenance
procedures and necessary tools.

Click here for CJV150 "Requests for Care and Maintenance".
Click here for CJV300 "Requests for Care and Maintenance".

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