Why do I need to remove Static?

  • If you operate the printer without removing static, it will cause defective printing or machine failure.

1. Problems caused by Static:

- Droplets fired from print head are placed to wrong spots, resulting in blur printing.

- Ink mist may adhere to crucial components, giving the printer significant damages.

- Adhesion of mist to Print head may cause "nozzle clogging" or "nozzle deflection", giving you
 higher chance to replace the Print head.

- If ink mist adheres to the bottom side of carriage, “ink dripping” on the surface of media may
 be caused during the print.

2. This is how you remove static:

- You can reduce static on the surface of media by attaching static eliminator to the unit.
 Product name: Ionizer Kit (Product code: OPT-J0342)
 Please see the details in “Q: What kind of optional unit is available?

- Increase the room humidity and check the outcome.
 *Set the humidity to the range of 35~65%Rh, as stated in the machine specification.

- Make sure that your printer has ground connection.
 *Bring your electrical worker to check the connection.

- If you wipe the surface of media with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol, it will
 reduce the static. But the wiper trace may come out after printing.

 *Also noted that if you install the printer on carpeted floor, it may accumulate static.

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