What is UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)?

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When operating with 4 colors, two cartridges are considered to be one set. When one ink cartridge runs out of ink, the system automatically switches to another cartridge, enabling long unattended printing.
As far as ink is remaining in either of the cartridge, the printer keeps running with no interruption.

You need to replace the cartridge:
1. When the system detects [INK END] during printing.
2. When the system detects [INK NEAR END] as supplying ink (cleaning, ink fill up).
3. When ink cartridge is taken out.
4. When system detects an error on the cartridge.
5. When performing cleaning by using up remaining ink.

[Ink Using-up cleaning]
This feature preferentially uses the cartridge that indicates [NEAR END] or [INK END] when performing cleaning. That way you are not wasting the remaining inks. (TYPE: NORMAL ONLY)

*UISS functions with 4-color operation only.
(However noted, when it operates with Sb54, 6 colors, UISS functions only on Magenta and Blue as an exception)

*If you take out the cartridge in supply when the machine is running, the system makes a switch, but it stops the operation.

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