What is difference between "Immediate Print" and "RIP and Print"?

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"Immediate Print" performs printing simultaneously with RIP processing.
When printing a lightly-loaded image data, "Immediate Print" is recommended.
Jobs with one of the following conditions cannot be printed as "Immediate Print" and the Jobs are automatically performed as "RIP and Print".
- Jobs with "Arrange" setting
- Jobs with "Composite" setting
- Jobs with "Create Plate" setting
- Jobs which spaces between the copied jobs are not the same
- Jobs with "Rearrangement" setting
- Tiling Jobs with [Free Location] specified

"RIP and Print" performs RIP processing first and start printing after completion of RIP processing. RIP processing and print processing is performed as separate task.
When printing a highly-loaded image data such as including high-resolution image or including complicated path data, "RIP and Print" is recommended.
In addition, when "Rotation", "Scale" or "Copy" is applied to the Job, "RIP and Print" is recommended.

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