What items are required to operate the printer in Windows?

  • Please see the following.

Required items

- Adobe System [Illustrator (Windows version)]
- Windows PC that has USB port or serial (RS-232C) port standard.
 (Windows 2000 SP3 or higher versions support [FineCut] or [SimpleCut].)

 Go to FineCut Product page to see the specifications of OS and Illustrator that supports
 Go to SimpleCut Product page to see the specifications of OS that supports [SimpleCut].

- Cable to connect PC and the printer
 [CG-SRIII Series]
 USB2.0 cable, RS-232C crossover cable or LAN cable.

 [CG-FXII Series/CG-100SRII]
 USB2.0 cable or RS-232C crossover cable.

 USB2.0 cable *RS-232C crossover cable is not supported.

The following items come with the printer.

- [FineCut] (Illustrator plug-in cutting soft), [SimpleCut]
 * [SimpleCut] comes with CG-60SR, CG-100SR2, and CG-SRIII series only.
 * [SimpleCut] is the software that allows you to create data and perform plotting
  right after completing the installation.

- Cutter holder (1)
- Eccentric cutter (low-pressure blade for PVC) (1)
- Ball point pen (1)
- Pen adapter (1)

System structure for Windows environment

[FineCut] converts the data that is created by user’s Illustrator into the command that is supported by MIMAKI cutting plotter.

[Connection Example 1]
 Connect directly with USB (or RS-232C) cable.
 We have the following options ready.

 - 5m USB2.0cable (OPT-J0137)
 - RS-232C serial crossover cable(RSC-32-05)

 * Use LAN cable in store when connecting Ethernet with CG-SRIII Series.

[Connection Example 2]
 Connect it with RS-232C serial cable via USB serial conversion adapter (Keyspan).
 We have the following options ready.

 - USB serial conversion adapter (OPT-SS036)
 - RS-232C serial crossover cable (RSC-32-05: 5m)

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