Floor plan and environmental requirements for installation.

  • Please see the following.

The following table shows the printer dimensions.

It depends on the length of the sheet media you are handling,
but you need marginal space in front and back of the sheet media so that the machine can feed the media.Once the sheet media hits the floor, the sheet goes off the platen surface,turning off the sheet sensor. And it terminates the operation.
Prior to installing the printer, prepare a service area that provides enough room for install and service the printer.

* Note that you need more than 1,000mm in front and back of the unit and more than
 500mm in right and left of the unit.

Follow these guidelines when selecting a location for the printer.

1) Environmental temperature:
  - Operating range: Environmental temperature 5˚C to 35˚C,
           Humidity 35% to 75% (Rh), Non-condensing.
  - Operating range with the print quality guaranteed:
           Environmental temperature 12˚C to 25˚C,
           Humidity 45% to 65% (Rh), Non-condensing.
2) No direct sunlight.
3) The floor should be level.
4) Installation site provides enough service and installation area.
5) No frequent vibrations.
6) No direct airflow from air conditioner.
7) No use of fire at the site.
8) Airborne contaminates should be office level. (less than 0.15mg/m3)

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