The print result is blurred or ink splatters.

  • Check the condition of the nozzles.

1. There may be a nozzle malfunction (missing or misaligned).
 Please review the test print and refer to the following FAQ if a nozzle malfunction occurs.
 Restore the nozzles to their normal state accordingly.

Q: Nozzle dropout or deflection are not resolved in the test print.

2. Adjust the head height (head gap) according to the media you are using.
 When the head is too height (resulting in a larger gap between the media and nozzle surface),
  ink spattering is more likely to occur.
 Unless there is a reason such as media rubbing, please use the head in the lower position.

 Please refer to the "Operation Manual" for adjusting the head height (head gap).

 CJV300(Normal): Operation Manual
 CJV150: Operation Manual

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