Mist-like droplets are generated on printed material, similar to those sprayed from a spray bottle.

  • Check the head height.

Please check the followings.
1. Check the head height.
 If the head gap (distance between the head nozzle surface and the media) is too wide, mist-like
 droplets such as those below may occur.

Refer to "Adjusting the Head Height" in the "Operation Manual" and adjust the head height
according to the thickness of the media to be used.
* When changing the head height, the ink drop position may shift left or right during bi-directional printing.
 After adjusting the head height, be sure to perform [DROP.POScorrect] (dot position correction) to
 correct any misalignment.

CJV300(Normal): Operation Manual
CJV150: Operation Manual

2. If the method in step 1 does not result in improvement, please proceed with maintenance.
 Refer to the maintenance chapter of the "Operation Manual" for each model and perform maintenance
 such as cleaning around the printhead and nozzle cleaning to ensure the printer head nozzle surface
 is clean before printing.

3. If the issue persists even after implementing the second method, please ensure
 that there is no air flow from sources such as air conditioners.
 Direct exposure to air conditioning or similar airflow can cause the ink to scatter.

4. If the issue persists even after implementing the third method, please perform static electricity
 When the head or media is charged with static electricity, mist may occur due to the influence of
 static electricity.
 Please take static electricity countermeasures such as humidifying the area around the printer
 with a humidifier.
 If you are using media for sublimation transfer ink, placing the humidifier too close to the printer
 may result in uneven water supply on the media, which could lead to uneven density.
 Please be cautious about the placement of the humidifier.
 For optimal humidity levels, please refer to the specifications in the "Operation Manual" of each model.

CJV300(Normal): Operation Manual
CJV150: Operation Manual

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