"INK END" and "INK NEAR END" have not disappeared even after replacing them with a new ink bottle and IC chip.

  • If there is a seal at the ink nozzle, check to ensure it has been cleanly cut. If the seal remains, it may hinder proper ink supply. Also, check the attachment status of the bottle cap and ensure that it is securely set in the printer.

1. Verify the seal at the ink nozzle
When replacing the ink bottle, if you are using a bottle with a seal at the ink nozzle, please cut the seal clearly.
If the seal is left intact, there is a possibility that ink may not be supplied properly.
*LUS-150 ink comes with a seal at the ink nozzle.

* Take care not to damage the mouth of the ink bottle. Any damage may result in ink leakage.
* Take care to prevent any pieces of the seal from dropping into the bottle. If a bottle that contains
 pieces of the seal is used, there is a risk that it will block the bottle cap and interrupt the supply of ink.

2. Attach the special cap
Attach the special cap to the ink bottle.
Wipe off any ink on the bottle caps with paper towel.
The type of ink cap that can be used will vary depending on the ink type. For details, please contact our dealers.

* It has been confirmed that due to the ball part of the bottle cap sticking, the ink will not flow normally.
 Press the ball part to ensure that it operates properly.
- Is there any sticking when the ball is pressed?
- After pressing the ball, does it return with the spring?
- Is there any gap in the ball part?

* Check if the bottle cap is correctly attached. Incorrect attachment may cause ink leakage.
* Use the tightening jig to tighten the bottle cap in place.

3. Setting up the ink bottles on the printer
Turn the lever firmly in the unlock direction, then set the ink bottle.

Insert the ink bottle into the back of the printer's tank section, then firmly turn the lever in the lock direction.

* Never rotate the ink bottles. Otherwise, there is a risk of ink leakage.
* If you cannot turn the locking lever, please try the following method.
- While holding down the ink bottle, turn the lever in the lock direction.
- Apply cleaning solution soaked in a clean stick or similar to the O-ring part of the bottle cap and allow it to blend.

4. Setting up the IC chip
Check if you have replaced the IC chip with the one included in the new ink bottle.
* There have been cases where this issue occurred due to forgetting to replace the IC chip.

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